144 Times People Mastered The Art Of Knitting And Shared Their Creations Online (New Pics)

Robbin argues that the process and products of knitting may become “the outward expression of attitudes, emotions, and aspirations, well before these are articulated in words.” In simpler terms, what we carry inside of us is easier to come face-to-face with when we’re working on a creative project, requiring us to work together with the one person we argue with the most—ourselves.

“I have experienced and described knitting as performance art, as active loving, and as an expression of strongly held values,” states Robbin, portraying the craft as a means of making sense of the world. “Reflecting on my adventures with yarn and needles, it feels like I am knitting my life into one integrated fabric,” she continues.

“When we knit, we create a row of loops and then build another row of loops on top of those and keep going until we have a finished garment. When we live, we loop the relationships, moments, activities of our lives together; pile them on top of each other, creating links, making abrupt turns occasionally. Starting anew, and then sewing it onto the section we already had, we continue through to the end.”

For Whitney, it’s done wonders to her mental health. “I have minor anxiety that spikes when I’m in certain situations, and the physical act of knitting helps me alleviate that anxiety so much, either during the situations or immediately afterwards,” she said. “The creative side of knitting helps stimulate my mind and helps me just have fun in my spare time.”

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