Abiteboul regrets not being more aggressive on Monte – DirtFish

Neuville admitted he felt “powerless” at times to compete with the Toyotas and that his pair of stage wins were a result of tire strategies playing out rather than any improved pace from Hyundai.

“Generally I think we must be satisfied with the [podium]with the end result, just because we have seen very early in the race that it seems like we couldn’t really follow the pace of the other guys,” he said.

“And despite trying, we were never really able to set any good times. Just always a couple of seconds behind, constantly losing time. Even on Friday morning we knew that, yeah, different tire strategy was making or going to make us this time.

“We hoped for better return on Saturday afternoon, but we started then to set fastest times due to better tires. But it didn’t last very long to be honest, and today [on Sunday] we are all on similar conditions and, yeah, I felt a bit powerless sometimes.

“But at the end, it seems a bit our own fault, as a team together we probably didn’t expect the conditions [to be] so dry and prepared more for Monte Carlo like usually where you go for bits of the car and softer settings, and at the end it didn’t work out.”

Neuville fiddled with his setup throughout the event, and believes a change on Sunday is what was responsible for his spin (see above)on the first stage of the day where he was lucky not to hit the barriers.

“It was the first braking after start-line and I had done some setup changes overnight, just to try to see if we could gain any performance,” Neuville explained.

“And it was like a close-to-flat corner just before the braking, and I was already understeering like hell. So I was getting a bit excited and angry on saying ‘oh it will be like this all stage-long, I will be in the s***’.

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