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The weather is heating up, and for some, that means sipping on your standard morning coffee becomes slightly less pleasant. (Not me; I could drink hot coffee while standing next to a volcano, but some people aren’t into that.) Anyway, if you’re looking for ways to make your morning caffeine hit a little more summer-friendly by delving into the world of cold brew coffee, we have some tips.

Producing the perfect cold brew is much like any other coffee-making process. Folks will have their personal preferences, but there are certain rules that tend to help you get a better-quality result. And because I am no expert in the world of cold brew, I have enlisted the advice of a pro to help nail those rules down. Cheryl Giles, De’Longhi Product Trainer, shared the below with me over email.

6 tips for perfecting cold brew coffee at home


From selecting the right beans to paying attention to the finer details, like water quality, here are six expert-recommended tips for making cold brew coffee at home. You’ll thank us later!

  1. Find your favourite coffee beans to make cold brew with. We recommend using a light to medium roast blend, but it’s all about your own taste and preference. I personally love using filter roast single origins for cold brew. Once you find your beans of choice, keep them fresh at home by storing them in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place.
  2. The flavor of your cold brew relies heavily on the quality of water you use. At De’Longhi, we recommend using good-tasting, filtered water that isn’t too soft or hard. The right amount of minerals helps to optimize the water taste and improves the taste and aroma of your cold brew.
  3. Use the grind and dose settings to make your coffee machine adapt to your personal taste for your perfect cold brew. It’s not about making the perfect coffee – it’s about making the perfect coffee for you.
  4. Clean your machine properly in between uses to ensure you’re getting the best taste possible.
  5. Get creative with mixology – mix your cold brew with syrups and ice cream, or use it in a delicious cocktail or mocktail. There are so many ways to enjoy this refreshing and versatile beverage!

If you’re like me and prefer a hot coffee no matter the temperature outside, why not check out an expert’s guide to nailing the art of frothing milk at home – you can do it, promise!

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