Annoying Modern Warfare 2 Deployable Cover glitch is causing havoc in Season 1 Reloaded

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a new glitch that interferes with a player’s gameplay. This bug is related to the field upgrade called “Deployable Cover” and can catch players off-guard.

A Modern Warfare 2 player uploaded a short clip on Reddit that showcased this latest glitch. The user “OfficialSuperSai” was a victim of this glitch, which turns a player around while vaulting over a deployable cover. This provides enemy operators more than enough time to take down any player who decides to push up close and vault over the shield.

Let us take a detailed look at this new glitch causing issues in the Modern Warfare 2 lobbies.

Modern Warfare 2 deployable cover glitch is a multiplayer nuisance

Activision released Modern Warfare 2 as its newest multiplayer title. The title quickly skyrocketed in popularity as huge hype surrounded it. However, the player base started facing several issues and bugs shortly after.

The latest glitch caught on the radar is directly related to a feature provided in the game for players to utilize. Involvement of any glitches that can be abused to gain the upper hand against other players causes the overall experience to plummet.

Deployable cover glitch

youtube cover

The uploaded video shows a 14-second snippet from a multiplayer match in Modern Warfare 2. It shows the player spotting an enemy on the other side of a deployable cover. As soon as the player decides to push the opponent and tries to climb over the shield, the character model crosses with its back turned.

This deployable cover glitch is suspected only to happen when the field upgrade is placed in front of a doorway. Unfortunately, this is not a unique event and has been reported by other players.

The character model completely flips (turns 180 degrees) in the opposite direction while experiencing this glitch, leaving them completely vulnerable. This makes the victims of this glitch easy targets as they do not get enough time to react and defend their lives in multiplayer game lobbies.

Using a temporary shield to defend a specific spot on the map is a smart move, as it can block off players. This makes concentrating on other angles easier and secures more kills. Players have been seen using these shields in different spots on the map to gain height and eliminate enemy combatants.

Field upgrades were introduced into the series as a helping hand that can boost a player’s gameplay, like the Trophy system or Munitions box. However, these are not permanent abilities and do not drastically affect the flow of Activision’s latest multiplayer title.

youtube cover

Field upgrades can become annoying if used maliciously and are mainly disadvantageous to others. This deployable cover glitch can make it hard for players to take map control, which can be an objective of the mode.

We hope the upcoming Season 2 update will introduce fixes for several issues currently present in Modern Warfare 2. Follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates and efficient weapon build guides.


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