Art Makers Outpost enlivens south Evanston

A class on a no-school day gets started at Art Makers Outpost. Credit: Wendy Kromash

Valerie Kahan had a dream to build the first LEED-certified art center in Evanston, an energy efficient and sustainable operation that would offer creativity and community for everyone.

Anna Soltys at work on a commissioned mosaic upstairs at the Outpost. Credit: Wendy Kromash

Her dream has adapted to fiscal realities, is not LEED-certified and she said it’s still “in startup mode,” but Art Makers Outpostthe small business she opened in January 2020, is certainly hosting plenty of creativity and community.

The top of the two-story building at 609 South Blvd. is home to several artists’ studios. Space is tight and the walls around each space do not reach the ceiling, so there is no aural privacy, but the atmosphere is collegial and supportive. The RoundTable saw the work of two artists, Rachel Mars and Anna Soltys. Soltys is also a co-curator for the Outpost After Dark music series, along with Kahan and musician Chris Greene.

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