Artist Shreena Patel On Painting Portrait Of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, “Felt Like A Blessing”

Shreena Patel is an abstract painter from London who has established a distinct identity in the art world. Some of the most well-known individuals in the UK, America and India are amongst Shreena’s clients; they can’t get enough of her exquisite work. Patel aims to raise awareness and assist many communities in addition to astounding viewers with her works of art.

Celebrities like Seema Malhotra from the Real Housewives of Cheshire and Geeta Basra, the wife of Harbhajan Singh, have all expressed admiration for Shreena Patel’s artistic creations. She graduated from Brunel University and the University of Arts London with a degree in fine art (graphics, multimedia technology, and design).

During Diwali in 2022, artist Shreena Patel set a great record by painting 200 Diva Lamps in a single week. She set this record for the BAPS Neasden Temple during Diwali in just one week. Another big achievement in Patel’s life as an artist is the opportunity to paint the portrait of Pramukh Swami Maharaj for 100th-year Birthday Celebrations.

About the same, Shreena shares, “I was approached by the Temple to contribute to PSM 100 year celebrations and so I painted a large 120x100cm Portrait of Pramukh Swami Maharaj titled, ‘Divine Joy’. The Swami’s loved the painting so much that they included it in their Diwali celebrations right where Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London gave his Diwali speech.”

Artist Shreena Patel took approximately 40 hours to complete the canvas of 120x100cm in dimension. She says that working on the painting was a blessing to her. She adds, “I included my signature lines and hand painted each letter of one of his quotes, ‘in the joy of others lies our own’. I am grateful that such wonderful opportunities come to me.”

Check out Shreena Patel’s work on her website


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