Aviary in Bournemouth has now been fully painted black

The new landmark structure, which houses around 200 tropical birds, received widespread criticism from residents and tourists saying the birds were not visible through the double layered metal grill when the new structure was unveiled earlier this year.

In a bid to solve this issue, the council have now fully painted the mesh security net black.

A resident who visited the aviary after the painting has said: “You can definitely notice the improvement, you can see right into the cage now.”

Another resident said: “I can see the birds pretty well, It’s just getting nice pictures of them that is the struggle because of the double layer of fencing.”

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A BCP Council spokesperson said: “After painting a trial panel in the early summer, the double layer of mesh has now been painted black with bird-safe paint to improve visibility.

“Visitors will be able to see the light and spacious flight cages just as the birds experience them. We are happy that this will improve viewing for our visitors to the aviary.”

The aviary was funded by £266,255 in public donations – as well as a £150,000 community infrastructure levy from the BCP Council and the Parks Foundation.

The new Cooper-Thompson Rescue Aviary has replaced the old 1980s building that was previously in the gardens.

The landmark structure has been 20 years in the making and took several months to build.

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