Best smoke and nade spots for Anubis in CS:GO

Anubis is the new map in town and has left Dust II, well in the dust. This is a map that players will struggle to learn quickly, so it’s not the worst idea to get ahead of the curve.

We’ve got the smokes you’ll need to get onto both the A site and the B site easily.

You’ll be setting up the whole team with some easy utility. This will focus on smokes, as the flashes will be easier to throw through the many windows and broken bricks in Anubis.

Here’s a list of all the callouts in Anubis, thanks to Night_not_Day on Reddit for posting these.

A site

The first smoke you’ll do will block off the A site connector position. This will make it easier for you to block off anyone rotating from mid when you’re doing an aggressive push through A main.

This will land inside the hallway, making it hard for anyone to see through unless they push the smoke. Make sure you’re not throwing these too early, as they will likely be already through the smoke before you’re out on site.

You’ll set yourself where the X is on the screenshot, on the slanted wooden planks that’ll boost you onto the other boxes and you’ll aim towards the left window of the A site. You’ll line up the bottom part of your crosshair with the black line on the window, in the center. All you have to do is a simple left click throw.

Now, the second smoke is for heaven. This will make the CT’s life harder as they won’t be able to rain down from above upon you with bullets. This smoke is on the harder side.

What you’ll do is called a “walk throw.” You’ll hold shift and aim where the crosshair is on the screenshot. It’s just below the ledge on the roof and in the middle of the first brick. You’ll then walk and throw when your crosshair hits a bit below the middle part of the hieroglyphics on the walls. Let go as soon as you hit that spot.

Screen grab via Valve


You’ll be setting up at the catwalk for these lineups.

Set yourself up in the corner of these bricks in the screenshot for this first smoke. It’ll bounce in the connector part where “palace” joins with the B site.

You’ll aim just to the left of the pylon, where the crosshair is on the screenshot, and left-click throw.

For the next lineup, you’ll set yourself up in line with the corner. You’ll then aim where the crosshair is aimed in the screenshot and left-click throw.

Be careful with this smoke when you enter the site. There is a small section where a player can push up into a corner toward CT. You’ll have to check this position as it could lead to some sneaky kills.

Screen grab via Valve

Now you’re in business. The smokes should be thrown later, depending on how far your teammates are pushed up A and B main. You’ll have plenty of room to throw simple flashes through the windows shown in the screenshots.

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