Blaze and Mayavi Express Their Thoughts About The Esports Club New State Open LAN Event

The Esports Club New State Open is hosting one of the first ever New State Mobile LAN events in India. The sixteen best Indian New State Mobile teams will fight in the grand finals over the span of two days for the title and the lion’s share in the INR 10,50,000 ($12,894 USD) prize pool. With all the teams present in the venue and ready to conquer the battleground, the excitement was in the air. AFK Gaming had the opportunity to chat with TSM India’s pro player Hamza “BlazeKhozema Hyderabadwala and coach ShubhamMayavi” Chawla at the venue.

Blaze and Mayavi feel good to be at The Esports Club New State Open

Over the last three years, not many mobile esports LAN events were hosted in India, mainly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions and to ensure the safety of the players. After a long wait, BGMI LAN events were just starting again, but the government of India blocked BGMI under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000 after a couple of tournaments. As a result, players and fans were craving the LAN experience. Finally, The Esports Club announced the New State Open LAN tournament which has excited the players.

Blaze said, “We recently played a BGMI LAN event, and since then, we have been on a break. We are back again at the LAN, and there is so much audience here. It feels good to be here.”

Mayavi expressed that the New State Mobile LAN tournament was much needed for the game, and seeing organizers hosting LAN events will boost the motivation of the new players. Following this, Mayavi expressed that the team was having a great time in the event. Hey said, “The vibe is really great here, and a huge crowd has joined us here. So far, we are having a great time, and we are really enjoying the event.”

New State Mobile will kick off tomorrow (20th November) and will see teams competing in 8 maps to crown the winner of the event. The winner will walk away with INR 5 Lakh ($6,133 USD) while the runner ups will secure INR 3 Lakh ($3,680) in prize winnings. INR 2 Lakh ($2,453) for the 3rd place team and INR 50k ($613) for the MVP will also be given away in this tournament.


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