Bloodborne Modder Says A PC Port Would Be Easier Than Fans Think

According to a Bloodborne modder, a 60 FPS PC port of FromSoftware’s gothic monster slayer isn’t as difficult to accomplish as previously believed.

An upscaled PC port of FromSoftware’s popular beast-slayer Bloodborne is just two lines of code from becoming a reality, according to one modder. As FromSoftware continues to enjoy success with its open-world opus, Elden Ring, many fans of the developer’s previous endeavors have hoped to see an official return to these beloved experiences. One fan even went as far as to envision what an Unreal Engine 5-based Bloodborne 2 would look like.

If the aggressive and fast-paced combat of 2015’s Bloodborne didn’t immediately set it apart from its Soulsborne brethren, the striking gothic setting and atmosphere would have instead. Unlike the melancholy atmosphere of demons souls and dark souls‘withering medieval fantasy settings, Bloodborne carried a crushing miasma of despair amidst an ornate, gothic world reveling in its depravity. This decadently captivating world ensnared millions of would-be hunters and provided an engaging aggressive combat system that rewarded players for sheer tenacity in the face of its brutal challenge. Despite overwhelming praise and the honorific of changing the moniker of the informal souls collection to soulsborneno plans to release a Bloodborne remaster have been announced.


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A recent article by PlayStation LifeStyle revealed an argument that the much sought after Bloodborne PC port is actually simpler to achieve than previously thought. As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, Bloodborne mud Lance McDonald took to Twitter to respond to statements made about the difficulty of upscaling Bloodborne. McDonald stated that were “literally zero technical barriers between Bloodborne and a PC/60fps PS5 port/re-release.” Elaborating further, McDonald claimed that only 2 lines of code need changing for Bloodborne to run at 60 FPS on newer platforms, and that Sony could easily do this without FromSoftware. Surprisingly, McDonald would also claim that the defunct Japan Studio, who assisted in Bloodborne‘s production, had a build of a PC port running on Windows 7 before it shut down.

Apparently A Bloodborne PC Port At 60 FPS Is That Simple

If McDonald’s claims are true, one wonders why Sony hasn’t released Bloodborne on PC. The recent commitment made by Sony to publish PC ports of PlayStation games makes the situation even more of a head scratcher. As FromSoftware has already confirmed several new projects in the work, it’s entirely possible that some form of return to a title as impactful as Bloodborne could figure into these plans in some way. It may also be the case that if the remaster is as easy to accomplish as McDonald as claims, Sony and FromSoftware may just be waiting for the right moment to do so.

with Bloodborne fans still waiting for news of a PC release, one wonders what FromSoftware’s plans might be. Though fans have busied themselves with several fantastic fan projects, like the Bloodborne Kart Racer that features a hunter motorcycle, these entertaining trinkets can only satiate for so long. Hopefully, all this continued fan support will be enough to motivate Sony and FromSoftware into letting the Hunter’s Moon rise again with a new Bloodborne project.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle, Lance McDonald/Twitter

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