Bronze Avery muses on modern dating in SOFTMETAL

Bronze Avery is one of the most mesmerizing artists right now. His attention to detail and his ability to capture universal feelings in a way that feels so unique.

This album encapsulates every aspect of modern romance and pulls the curtain open to reveal every gritty part of modern dating, but masked in effervescent melodies. The vulnerable lyrics juxtaposed with his smooth, dreamy production feels so specific to his style. It’s authentic but so polished.

“Figure It Out” sets the scene with distorted vocals that echo a toxic relationship and the freedom of getting out of it, the perfect precursor. Bronze Avery is so good with details. He doesn’t hold back from his personal experience. “SOFTSHELL” and “SOFT METAL” both add that softness to round out the edges, delicate floating vocals that bring an otherworldly feeling to the project.

“Crash Desire,” his ode to the UK garage and dance scene, is a wild ride, the urgency is palpable, and it’s out of control in the best way. He explains in a recent press release, “My situationship was going too well, and I was going out and seeing as many people as it felt safe. I truly felt like I was on top of the world, but I knew I was going way too fast and would crash.”

Bronze Avery wrote and produced this album almost entirely himself, and the detail that went into it shows his artistry. He blends genres so effortlessly, and this project feels so complete. Each track moves through with such grace that it’s easy to get lost in it. He perfectly balances softness and strength.

Appearing on the cover of Billboard after winning Billboard NXT under the mentorship of Charlie XCXa competition for finding superstar potential in unsigned artists, Bronze Has worked with artists such as Dorian Electra and Miss Benny and continues to push boundaries in music with each new project.

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