Can you play Warzone 2 on Steam Deck? Answered

The Steam Deck makes the PSP look like an etch-a-sketch, and hosts a massive collection of games that’ll keep you entertained till the cows come home. war zone 2 has finally dropped and servers are packed to the brim with players.

You’ll be wanting to gear up and land somewhere dangerous whenever you’re on the bus, train, or just hanging around with family.

The best part about the Steam Deck is that you can take it anywhere and still play decent games on the move.

There are some limitations with the Steam Deck. Sometimes, games require a workaround to get started on the portable console, and some do work but just not as well.

Warzone 2 does run on Steam, but does it run on the Steam Deck?

Can I play Warzone 2 on the Steam Deck?

Image via Activision

The title isn’t compatible with SteamOS. Meaning the Steam Deck won’t support war zone 2. The anti-cheat seems to be the barrier between players enjoying a game of war zone 2 on their Steam Deck.

Hold up, before you click away Just because it’s not compatible with the Steam Deck, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to run it. It actually does work, but the problem is if it will work well or at all at times.

Odds are it won’t work to its fullest potential.

Ricochet, the anti-cheat software, isn’t on Linux, meaning a key requirement of playing war zone 2isn’t available.

Proton, the compatibility layer that helps Linux work with software from Windows games, hasn’t been improved enough for call of Duty to be supported on Steam Deck.

There is a chance it could be more compatible in the future, we’ll just have to wait and see if Linux gets a player base large enough to support it.

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