Chuang “Raithe” Fu Yuan on joining Orangutan Esports’ Pokémon UNITE roster

Pokémon UNITE is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games with a healthy esports scene worldwide. In the Asia-Pacific region, Orangutan Esports is one of the best teams around, showcasing dominant performances in quite a few tournaments.

Chuang “Raithe” Fu Yuan is one of the players who recently joined their roster and participated in the Pokémon UNITE World Championships 2022. In a conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Raithe spoke about his love for MOBA titles, his experience in Orangutan Esports, and more.

Raithe’s experience as a pokemon UNITE esports player

Q. From being a casual gamer to becoming a professional one, when did you realize that you had it in you to compete in pokemon UNITE tournaments?

Raithe: I started playing MOBA games from a young age, beginning with Dota and transitioning to Dota 2 while also having tried Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Mobile Legends. I have always enjoyed the genre and when Pokémon UNITE was released, I was pretty excited to try it out.

After a couple of weeks of playing, I was approached by some other players who wanted to form a team. Our team entered a local competition where we got stomped by a team who went on to secure second place. Following that incident, we started practicing harder, made some roster adjustments, and started winning every local tournament. It was then that I thought, “Hey, there could be some potential here!”

Q. What are some of the team-building exercises that you engage in to promote better communication and gameplay during competitive gaming?

Raithe: Our team has a ‘last game’ policy where, in our last game of every training session, we just pick whatever team composition we want and have fun without caring if we win or lose. Other than that, we also play Super Auto Pets together.

Q. What are some of the benefits of joining a competitive organization like Orangutan Esports?

Raithe: I think the main benefit is that we receive more recognition and reputability. Furthermore, Orangutan Esports has provided us with quite a lot of support in terms of media presence.

Q. Along with your roster, you won the SEA Invitational Spring even though the roster was quite new. How long did you practice right before the tournament to perform to the best of your ability?

Raithe: I won the SEA Invitational Spring with a previous iteration of No Lucario. We probably practiced for an average of two hours for five to six days a week.

Q. Your roster did not win the pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022. Do you feel that winning every tournament is necessary to establish oneself as a successful esports athlete?

Raithe: I don’t think so. While winning is quite important, I think only a few people see the effort that goes behind the scenes. I think you just need to have a ‘never give up’ attitude and keep trying your best!

Q. If you had to cite a major difference between playing in a domestic tournament and an international one, what would it be and why?

shoutout to all the amazing people we met that made the trip so enjoyable!! literally created twitter to keep in contact with all my homiez across the world @everyone

Raithe: Being my first LAN experience, the set-up of the event took some getting used to as I typically play Pokémon UNITE while lying down on my bed. My teammates started joking that there would be a ‘bed gap’ in my performance.

Q. What are your words of advice to aspiring gamers who want to take up esports as a profession?

Raithe: Games are fun, but make sure you study hard as well! Don’t play games as a backup career, you have got to make sure that you can be successful in multiple areas.


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