Cyclist catches 12 drivers using phones behind the wheel in an hour; Will you be paying Strava’s increased price? + more on the live blog

Plenty of comments on Strava to round up. A real mixed bag, many pointing to the annual price rise being equivalent to 58p per month, but for others this seems to be the straw-va that broke the camel’s back…

OnYerBike: ” I’d happily apply Hanlon’s razor in this case. Strava have always had a complicated relationship with subscriptions. I think the fundamental issue is that the success of Strava is built on the fact the ‘everyone is on it’ which relies on a good And yet they rely on people paying for the premium option to bring in revenue.

“Take away the free option, or take away too many features, and you lose that ‘community’. But the better the free option is, the less motivation people have to upgrade to premium.

“And of course there is constant competition and innovation. A particular limitation of Strava is it only captures ‘workouts’, where as more and more people have devices on 24/7 recording things like heart rate and steps, and want that information to be integrated too (as done by eg Garmin Connect).”

off the back: “Its fair to say that most people who subscribe to Strava ride regularly and probably spend a fortune on all manner of bike related things. The cost of £2 a month more is less than I pay for a coffee on a longish ride of which I probably do more than 3-4 times a in that time frame.I doubt many will notice that much of a change for what you get.

“I still maintain that Strava needs to streamline a lot of its service. Its database must be enormous now and that’s probably costing them more to maintain and keep running. They could do a lot to keep costs down ie remove all rides from over five years (or so) keeping KOM records only. Get rid of the pointless local legend. it serves zero purpose. They could also do more to improve the AI ​​on dodgy KOMs removal and flagging any obviously done in vehicles or on e-bikes. If Strava is anything, its a leaderboard for egos. If that single USP data isn’t reliable in that area than what is Strava for?”

S13SFC: “I’ve concluded that I don’t really need premium as all the data I really need is on Garmin Connect anyway. I really only used it for route planning and RWGPS does that just as well for free.”

On Facebook, of 32 comments, more than a few said they’d canceled their subscription or would be soon. However, there were almost as many comments to the same effect as Gary Bradbury’s… “When we put percentages on it, it can sound like a huge rise. My annual subscription hasn’t changed since about 2014. It’s now going up from £48 to £55. It’s hardly worth getting your knickers in a twist about. It’s gone up £7. Many of us happily pay £2.70-£3.50 for a cup of coffee, or £6-£7 for a pint of beer. My subscription has gone up from 92p to £1.05 per week. For me, it’s still quite a cheap product that I like using.”

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