Dhalsim combos three of his fire attacks including super from full screen away in this impressive Street Fighter 5 clip

Dhalsim in Street Fighter is a master of ranged combat. The unique zoning character is capable of keeping opponents out thanks to his long, stretchy limbs, which are the cornerstone of his long distance fighting, but who knew that his fire projectiles could be equally as effective from far away.

Pro Street Fighter 5 Dhalsim player CG|Torimeshi recently landed a truly remarkable combo from full screen away during a live stream that needs to be seen to be believed. Somehow, the powerful Sim managed to land three of his different fire-based projectiles, including Critical Art, all in one combo while being on the complete other end of the stage.

Going up against a Ken player online, Torimeshi pushed the opponent into the corner while both health bars only had a small chunk of life remaining. Putting V-Skill 1 into play, the Dhalsim player launched the large, slow moving fireball by hitting it with Yoga Flame, and sent it hurtling toward Ken.

The Ken player attempted to find a way out of the corner while also trying to avoid the big fireball, but Torimeshi sent an arching Yoga Fire in to follow right after it, which controlled the air space above the V-Skill 1. As a result , the opponent jumped right into the Yoga Fire, which caused them to fall down onto the V-Skill 1 projectile and be juggled.

What’s most impressive about this sequence is that Torimeshi saw how the situation was unfolding, and quickly fired off Dhalsim’s Critical Art after the Yoga Fire. After bouncing on two of Dhalsim’s fireballs, the large super fireball came right in and connected as well and closed out the game.

Needless to say, Torimeshi was pretty thrilled to land such an interesting combo from so far away. You can check out the play below thanks to HiFight.


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