Dubverse.ai brings PM Modi’s message in native languages

Dubverse.ai, an India-based revolutionary technology company in the generative AI space, has launched a campaign #WishWithModiJi to bring India together on the occasion of Republic Day. As a part of the campaign, Dubverse.ai wants to showcase the technology by cloning Prime Minister Modi’s voice and making him speak in multiple vernacular Languages, which opens up so many new doors for brands and creators.

The campaign aims to demonstrate how easy it is to create content in vernaculars, increasing the reach of any content piece, especially in non-Hindi regions. Dubverse.ai allows for real-time dubbing in over 30+ languages ​​to engage with audiences breaking the language barrier.


The technological breakthrough solves a major industry challenge. For instance, in movies, the traditional method of dubbing replaces the voice of a character with a dubbed voice, thereby taking away the original character’s identity completely. Dubverse.ai’s solution, however, uses AI to clone the original artist’s voice in different languages. This opens up new possibilities for brands, celebrities, creators, and businesses to expand their reach and effectively connect with regional audiences without losing the core of their original messaging.

While companies in the West solve problem only for English, Dubverse.ai is keeping close to its homegrown roots to solve for Indian languages ​​and put Indian Languages ​​on the world map. By launching its unique campaign on the occasion of Republic Day, with a globally recognized name like Prime Minister Narendra Modi at its heart, the company is redefining the concept of Make In India, For the World.

Anuja Dhawan, Co-founder – Dubverse.aisaid, “We all see big-budget movies releasing in multiple languages. This is due to the increased penetration of the internet and amplified content consumption across regional heartlands. The challenge is that dubbing is an expensive, time-consuming, and yet, highly inefficient process.Our solution will change that forever, all while making the workflows simplified and cost-effective for brands, creators, and personalities and make dubbing possible for every video”

Varshul Gupta, Co-Founder, Dubverse.aisaid, “Generative AI is a truly transformational technology. With the power of large language and diffusion models, for the first time we are seeing creation of any form of content being democratised. Similarly with our new AI, it allows you to speak any language that you haven’t spoken before. We have always believed in our PM Modi’s vision to make India a super power and happy to showcase a first in the world AI from an Indian company using his own voice on this Republic Day. With this we are empowered to unleash ultra-high-quality dubbing and make our mission to make every video go multi-lingual stronger than ever.”

He added, “We couldn’t think of anyone better than PM Modi himself to lead the charge in this idea of ​​inclusivity.”

The initiative is a testament to the company’s commitment to making communication more inclusive and accessible to all. With over 30 languages ​​supported and real-time dubbing capabilities, Dubverse.ai is truly helping unite the nation and break down language barriers, one video at a time.

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