EA responds to FIFA 23 ‘sign in’ glitch ruining the Web App

Ryan Lemay

Published: 2022-09-22T18:48:56

Updated: 2022-09-22T20:14:09

A glitch for Modern Warfare 2 players on PC is locking them out of the Open Beta, but there is an easy way to avoid it.

The Modern Warfare 2 early access Open Beta went live for Xbox & PC on September 22. Playstation players can also access the Beta.

The second and final Beta Weekend increases the level cap to 30 from 15 and adds two Invasion maps. Modern Warfare 2’s first Beta weekend received harsh criticism, targeted at mini-map changes, the perk system rework, and glitches.

Infinity Ward addressed several community concerns, but the latest bug affecting PC players adds insult to injury.


The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta received mixed reviews during the first weekend.

How to fix getting locked out of Modern Warfare 2 PC Beta

CharlieINTEL reported an issue of players getting locked out of the Beta on PC.

“If you restart your PC, Steam/MWII will ask for your phone number verification again. However, if you re-enter the same number multiple times, you’ll be locked by Steam,” CharlieINTEL Said.

To prevent a lockout, do not restart your PC multiple times.

Getting locked out is not the only problem experienced by PC players. Popular Warzone streamer Swagg reported crash issues and claimed to crash six times within the first few hours of playing on PC.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC development team issued statement regarding the crash issue and lockout problems.

Beenox stated, “please feel free to change it during the process,” meaning players should change their username to prevent getting locked out after entering the same one multiple times.

As for the crash issue, the developers said, “if the game requires a reboot, make sure to relaunch manually.”

We will provide any updates if the development team finds a more permanent solution to the lockout problem.

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