Energy-efficient home grants: Who is eligible and what will it cover?


rant Shapps, the business secretary, will reportedly announce new grants for middle earners to help make their homes more energy efficient.

The Times reported that Mr Shapps is expected to make the announcement next week, as part of new Government measures to cut people’s energy use by 15 per cent by 2030.

The new fund comes amid the cost-of-living crisis, with many households across the UK struggling to pay their soaring energy bills.

The Government has announced a number of funds to help households combat the impact of rising energy bills, such as the cost-of-living payments.

But the energy-efficient home fund aims to make homes more energy efficient to lower bills in the long term.

What is the energy efficient home fund?

The energy-efficient home fund is said to be called “eco plus” and will provide households with up to £15,000 of funding to cover the cost of loft insulation, cavity-wall insulation, and smart heating controls.

The Government has allocated £1 billion to the project. They will cover up to 75 per cent of the costs while households pay the rest.

Households that implement energy-efficient changes are expected to save hundreds of pounds of energy bills every year.

Who is eligible for the eco-plus fund?

The fund will reportedly help middle earners who live in council tax bands A to D.

Middle earners are considered to be people who earn around the median income in the UK. According to Statista, the median household disposable income in the UK was £31,400 in the financial year ending 2021.

More than 70,000 households are expected to benefit from the scheme.

When will the eco-plus fund come into force?

The eco plus fund is expected to roll out next April. Mr Shapps is expected to share details of the plan next week.


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