Families spend Thanksgiving holiday in front of the big screen

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – After a day of delicious Thanksgiving feasts, most are settling into the evening with a movie.

Catching a film at the theater is a tradition for some families. It’s also a boost in revenue for the business. Empty roads and vacant lots are what you can find this Thanksgiving.

But not at the Biloxi Premier Lux Cinema.

Each year, folks pick a movie and enjoy the holiday in front of the big screen.

“We’re glad that we’re open and provide that option for people to enjoy their Thanksgiving here at the cinema. We didn’t have this option a year and half ago but we’re happy to provide this opportunity for people to come by,” said McCullom.

General Manager Tommy McCullom says there has been a steady trend of movie goers. He adds there’s a boost to sales during the holiday season.

“Our industry was in a tough time. Being on Thanksgiving and most businesses are closed during this time, it definitely has increased our revenue,” said McCullom.

And with big name movies comes larger crowds.

“We actually look forward to that type. When the film studios, when they release certain content. They put a lot of time in that they release for content. Right now, we do have a couple for blockbusters here for that cinema that has been bringing a lot of people here,” said McCullom.

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