Fast Pair could soon make setting up new phones much easier

The feature might debut with the Galaxy S23 series

Fast Pair on Android currently lets you set up new devices, like earbuds and Wear OS smartwatches, with just a tap. Compatible devices instantly show up on your phone’s screen, and you don’t have to dive into any menus to begin the setup process. Google could soon extend Fast Pair support to new Android phones, making the initial setup process much easier.

New strings spotted in the latest Google Play Services release (via 9to5Google) have revealed that Google is adding another device type to Fast Pair: Android phones. Once the feature rolls out, it will automatically detect nearby Android phones that haven’t been set up and show a prompt on your current phone to kickstart the initial setup. The prompt will reportedly guide you through installing the app required to transfer your data to the new phone, greatly simplifying the process.

The strings further reveal that the feature could arrive with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series, prompting users to scan a QR code on the new device to get started. Given that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S23 series in just a few days, Google could officially announce the new Fast Pair feature shortly.

In addition to Android phones, Google is also working on expanding Fast Pair support to styluses and tracking tags. We recently learned that the company is working on a tracking tag codenamed “grogu” and has added support for a new “Locator tag” device type in the Fast Pair developer console. Similarly, a teardown of Google Play Services for Wear OS v23.02.13 has revealed that the company could use Fast Pair’s battery alerts feature to show low-battery notifications for active styluses.

Currently, we don’t have confirmation from Google regarding these Fast Pair enhancements. We’ve reached out to the company for a comment, and we’ll update this post as soon as we have more details.

Source: 9to5Google

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