Gaming now seen as serious career option in India, PC a preferred device: HP study

Gaming is now seen as a serious career option, with more gamers preferring a personal computer or PC as their device, showed a recent survey by Hewlett-Packard (HP) India. “It’s not the days of PC or mobile gaming anymore, it’s the days of PC and Mobile gaming,” Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India market, said at the company’s ‘India Gaming Study 2022’ event in New Delhi.

“The PC gaming landscape in India offers a tremendous opportunity for the youth and we, at HP, are committed to supporting gamers in their journey The strong preference for PC gaming represents a massive business opportunity for us,” he added. According to Bedi, the Indian gaming market will see the co-existence of mobile and PC gaming, though currently the market is dominated by mobile gaming. But, according to HP’s study, around 39 per cent of mobile gamers are looking to migrate to a PC for gaming.

HP’s study — which includes 2,000 respondents across 14 cities in the country — showed that the overwhelming majority (68 per cent) of gamers found PCs better, and actually do wish to enter the world of PC gaming due to varying reasons. These reasons range from more gaming titles (82 per cent), and a better experience (70 per cent) to peripherals support (57 per cent). The study found that 39% of mobile gamers are looking to migrate to a PC for gaming.

More gamers now see this as a career option as well. According to the study, around two-thirds of serious gamers want to explore this as a full-time or a part-time career. Professional gamer Moeen Ejaz, who was present at the event, said that his parents and other relatives were initially skeptical about him “wasting his time” gaming. This perception changed when won a bronze medal in the DOTA Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022.

Interestingly, the HP study highlighted that some also aspire to become gaming software developers (18 per cent) and animators (2 per cent) as well. However, becoming a professional gamer (53 per cent) or an influencer (20 per cent) remains on top of the list.

The study also revealed women gamers are on the rise in India with over 50 per cent of women gamers eyeing this as a career prospect.


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