German Officials Learn Cricket From Indian Colleagues Inside Office

Two Indian employees are seen bowling one by one to a German man.

Unmatched in popularity, cricket is more of a religion than a sport to the Indian people. An average Indian cricket fan never requires a proper location to begin a game; all that is required is the desire to play the game. This assumption is supported by a video that Achim Burkart, the German Consul for Kerala and Karnataka in Bengaluru, posted online recently. In it, his colleagues can be seen playing cricket inside the consulate.

‘During lunch break, my Indian colleagues try to teach my German colleagues how to play cricket. Happy to report that the consulate is still intact,’ the caption of the video said.

Two Indian employees are seen bowling one by one to a German man, who is seen batting left-handed in the footage.

Followers of Mr Burkart are enjoying the video and making interesting remarks in the video’s comment section.

“It is a great sport that connects nations, sir. An India-Germany cricket match would be a wonderful idea to boost tourism and friendly relations between the two countries,” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “Ok, but why is he bowling so fast to a person who doesn’t know cricket? Start slow.”

This is not the first time Mr Burkart has shared an interesting video of India on his social media handle. He uploaded a video of two of his coworkers eating masala dosa at Bengaluru’s renowned Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) close to Lalbagh in September.

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