Get Digital Foundry’s favorite gaming monitor for £110 off its RRP

Black Friday 2022 is here and there’s plenty of deals to be snapped up left, right and center on all manner of tech and hardware. Over here at Digital Foundry, we’ve found a deal that you might want to pick up whilst it’s on offer at this price. That deal would be this 32 per cent discount on the Dell S2721DGFA 27-inch gaming monitor – our top recommendation for monitors overall – available from Amazon for just £259.99.

Thanks to its Fast IPS panel, this Dell monitor combines the advantages you’d typically see with any IPS screen – such as wide viewing angles and good colors – along with short pixel response times and great motion handling, the kind you’d usually expect from a TN panel.

Another aspect that’ll bolster the value and quality of this monitor is its resolution and refresh rates of 1440p and 165Hz respectively. This isn’t only a solid output just in itself, but it’s also a great start for entry-level gaming PCs with flexibility depending on the game you’re playing – playing a story heavy or overall slow-paced game where visuals matter more? Up the res. Swapping to a highly competitive match of Warzone? Lean into those higher frame rates. Of course, if you’re packing a beefier setup, you can always spec into both of these and get the best of both worlds.

Outside of that, there’s additional enhancements you can make use of too such as AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync, so you’re covered on builds with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. These features will unlock variable refresh rates and aim to combat screen tearing and stuttering to ensure a smoother performance overall – essential for anything remotely competitive, but still important for a consistent experience.

To top it off and place a cherry on top, the monitor features a flexible height adjustment along with a solid and reliable stand and a well-made on-screen display that’ll allow you to tweak all manner of settings and preferences to extrapolate all the pixel goodness possible – all-in-all, it’s a great monitor and one that we recommend you pick up.

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