Get off the Grid With These Sustainable Tiny Homes

Known for promoting simple lifestyles, tiny homes encourage people to live minimally. Originally from the US, the trend has become a global phenomenon thanks to it’s affordable and environmentally-friendly philosophy.

Tiny Away has taken the idea of ​​the affordable, eco-friendly tiny home and turned it into a vacation for city dwellers who may not be able to escape the hustle permanently.

With tiny homes in rural locations in Australia, Italy, Malaysia and New Zealand, Tiny Away places their homes off the grid to let people get an idea of ​​what it’s like to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Get off the Grid With These Sustainable Tiny Homes and Enjoy the Tech Detox
Image: TinyAway

What are the advantages of a tiny home getaway?


With prices increasing in the property market, many people are looking to tiny houses as an alternative to a larger home. Being able to experience a holiday in a tiny home can give people an idea of ​​whether or not this lifestyle is suitable for them.


In addition, the eco-friendly nature of a small home is attractive. By taking up less space and using fewer natural and man-made resources, guests can be aware of their ecological footprint.

Off-the-grid tiny homes are also required to take advantage of new technology to create a small space that can be lived in without foregoing modernity. These homes can be powered entirely on solar and wind due to less demanding energy requirements.

Our favorite Tiny Away properties

Little Blue Wren

First on the list is a brand new listing in Yea, Victoria. This off-grid property is powered by solar energy and guests are encouraged to use electricity sparingly.

Tina home
Image: TinyAway

Hinterland Hideout

Located near Byron Bay in Myocum, NSW, this property is in a slightly more populated rural area. It does use the electricity grid, but in a bid to be more sustainable, it features a waterless toilet. The eco-friendly composting toilet looks exactly like a normal toilet, but uses no water and creates no smell.

Get off the Grid With These Sustainable Tiny Homes and Enjoy the Tech Detox
Image: TinyAway

The Meadows Tiny House

Located in Macclesfield, Victoria, this tiny home is also off the grid and is sustained with captured rainwater. Fitted with a cassette toilet and gas heating for hot showers, guests are encouraged to enjoy living a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle during their stay.

Get off the Grid With These Sustainable Tiny Homes and Enjoy the Tech Detox
Image: TinyAway

Other amenities vary between homes, but to maintain self-sufficiency, some tiny getaways come with:

  • Compost bins to encourage regenerative agriculture
  • Farm produce (eggs, fruits, vegetables and milk) available for guest consumption
  • Wood fired BBQ grills

While each property has different features, the idea is the same — enjoy the beauty of nature in a secluded location. Guests are also encouraged to visit the local neighborhood in the area and meet the community.

Have you tried living off the grid, even for a weekend getaway? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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