Heating: Boiler expert shares ‘ideal’ room temperature to maintain in winter

Office furniture suppliers, Furniture At Work, recommended lowering the thermostat by just one degree. They said this could save up to £60 every year. This could mean lowering It from 20C to 19C, or 19C to 18C, and you may not even notice a difference.

The experts said: “The best way to get used to this is by learning to love your layers. A comfy jumper, cozy winter duvet, or hot water bottle could be a very easy way to save you money. You can also run your thermostat on a timer to make sure it switches off when you’re sleeping, cooking or any other time you might not need it.”

It can be horrible when a home feels damp, making rooms feel uncomfortable and cold, the opposite of what everyone wants when the weather is cold outside. To help prevent damp building up in the first place, Mark Roland, Lead Engineer at Hometree, the boiler and home cover, explained: “One of the most common areas you can experience condensation is in the bathroom.

“When running a hot bath or shower, condensation is caused by hot water, and whilst extraction techniques can help to some extent, they don’t always fully eliminate condensation. It is important to keep the bathroom door shut so that the moisture doesn’t escape into other areas of your home.

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