How to fix missing Battle Pass Tokens glitch in Modern Warfare 2?

A new glitch has surfaced in Modern Warfare 2 that prevents players from obtaining their hard-earned Battle Pass Tokens even after completing the entire progression. This in-game bug has been persistent and occurring for multiple players in the community, disabling them from unlocking the higher tiers of the Battle Pass and enjoying its rewards.

Since Modern Warfare 2 was released, multiple in-game bugs and issues have made the gaming experience bumpy. The publisher has been addressing the issues and airing out updates to provide a permanent fix for the occurring problems to provide smoother gameplay.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 launched globally on November 16, almost three weeks after Activision released its multiplayer campaign title Modern Warfare 2. Both games feature stunning graphics and top-notch levels of detail that increase their realistic nature along with the new movement and combat changes .

Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Token glitch fix

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Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 share an ordinary Battle Pass through the cross-progression feature and can level up by playing both of Activision’s titles. This new in-game bug accounts for and completes the token progression with every match after the XP is allotted to the player’s account.

However, it does not reward the completed tokens to the players once the progression is completed, which has repeatedly been occurring.

Possible fix

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There is no permanent solution to this issue yet, as there have been no official comments on the pertaining issue for Modern Warfare 2 from the publisher side. Developers recently released a patch, but it did not tackle this Battle Pass bug. Players are still facing difficulty in acquiring what they have rightfully earned through time and effort.

The best and most readily applicable fix currently circulating in the community is that players can obtain the missing Battle Pass token by restarting the game. After restarting Modern Warfare 2, the tokens are automatically allotted to the player’s account. However, this method has not worked for many players, even after multiple restart attempts.

Fans can expect another patch to be arriving soon that will deal with this and other minor bugs from the publisher’s side to ease the inconvenience caused due to a random faulty feature not working as expected.

Possible reasons

The Battle Pass was recently released along with the inaugural Season for both of Activision’s games. This new content addition might have interacted negatively while integrating with the local game files, which caused a particular set of files to become corrupted. These files might not have been critical for the game to function normally, but they failed to perform its dedicated task related to accounting for the Battle Pass tokens for players.

Players can keep an eye out for the official Twitter page of Call of Duty and Infinity Ward for live updates as they try and deploy permanent fixes for this peculiar bug. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates as we closely follow all the stories around Activision’s newest titles.


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