How to get Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Nearly every quest and activity within Disney Dreamlight Valley asks players to gather a multitude of resources. Every resource comes with its own unique location and gathering method players will gradually learn while traversing the magical world of Dreamlight Valley.

One resource players may find themselves requiring is Night Shards. Night Shards are the darker twin of Dream Shards and are a bit less difficult to obtain.

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Generally, you will need Night Shards far less frequently than its counterpart. However, it is still a good idea to stock up on this resource so you are prepared if you are tasked with attaining them.

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Where to find Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Night Shards can be found in any biome around Dreamlight Valley. But, they can only be found by digging up the sparkling mounds that are found on the ground.

These sparkling spots are sometimes easy to miss depending on which biome you are in. For instance, it is quite easy to miss in the shadowy and dense Forgotten Lands or the dark and swampy Glade of Trust biome. Thus, be sure to examine the ground carefully for sparkles wherever you go if you are hoping to attain this item.

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Night Shards are also not guaranteed to be what drops when players dig up these mounds, although they are certainly more common than Dream Shards. Attaining Night Shards essentially comes down to luck.

Considering Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in an early access state, it is also quite possible further methods for gathering this material will be introduced in the future. Gameloft has already been working on adjusting the existing low drop rate, so players may see some further changes quite soon.

How to use Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This resource only has two real uses for now. Players may be required to attain Night Shards as part of completing various quests, especially if the quest is from Merlin as he will ask players to help him learn what this unique resource is.

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Five Night Shards may also be utilized to craft the Purified Night Shard when combined with a Dream Shard. While this makes a great gift to give to a Disney character when trying to quickly raise your friendship with them, both Night Shards and Dream Shards have a low drop rate and players should thus stock up on as many of these as they can to ensure they will be able to progress through the requirements of all quests.

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