I’m a body language expert and there’s a telltale sign Holly Willoughby is ‘stressed’ after This Morning’s queue-gate

HOLLY Willoughby has shown signs that she’s “stressed” and “unable to relax” after This Morning’s queue-gate, a body language expert has revealed.

A petition to have Holly and Phil removed from This Morning topped 43,000 signatures, and came as people insisted the presenter duo skipped the queue to “file past the Queen lying in state,” while others waited for hours.


A body language expert says Holly Willoughby has “stress etched all over her,”Credit: Rex

They have remained insistent they never jumped a queue, and issued a statement after the backlash.

Now, an expert has revealed Holly, 41, has “stress etched all over her,” and the presenter has “lost her famous smile.”

Inbaal Honigman told The Sun the telltale signs, explaining: “When standing up, she’s picking at her fingertips. A very subtle gesture which shows that she is worried.

“And when sitting down, holding her tablet, her fingers are pressed tightly against it, telling us that she is unable to relax.

“Even though Holly is a pro, and has stood in that spot and presented that show for over a decade, tiny clues betray her unease today.”

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The expert continued to add that Holly’s behavior was noticeably different on today’s This Morning, sharing: “Her famous smile isn’t the same, instead of a natural, broad display of joy which touches the eyes, her smile today is stiff and still.

“Her voice is cracking. She seems concerned that her appearance is scrutinized for all the wrong reasons.”

It comes as fans recently said presenter Holly was unusually subdued — and some even claimed it appeared she had been crying.

Alongside Phil, the usually bubbly and chatty host appeared more restrained as they interviewed Strictly Come Dancing judge Anton Du Beke and the cast of new TV show Dated And Related.

While he may have looked careworn, 60-year-old Phil, in sharp contrast, continued as normal and appeared unfazed by the furore over the claim that they jumped the queue for the Queen’s lying-in-state in Westminster Hall on Friday.

An insider said: “This whole situation has been very upsetting for Holly. She was doing her job and has now been held up as a villain.”

Viewers commented on her appearance on the show. One, Alexis, tweeted: “Holly looks like she’s been crying all night.”

It comes after fans claimed yesterday Holly looked like she had been crying


It comes after fans claimed yesterday Holly looked like she had been cryingCredit: ITV
Phillip and Holly have remained insistent they never jumped a queue


Phillip and Holly have remained insistent they never jumped a queueCredit: Fremantle

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