Interview With Aslaa Esports’ Co-owner Lucifer and IGL VishuOP

Aslaa Esports aims to grow New State Mobile in India

Aslaa Esports was founded in 2021 and was primarily focused on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). However, after BGMI’s suspension, Aslaa Esports began to explore New State Mobile amongst other titles. The organization signed a New State Mobile roster prior to Dreamhack Hyderabad Open 2022, where it emerged as the winner. Following this, it received a direct invite to the TEC’s New State Open.

Lucifer said, “The other co-owner of the organization, Harjinder Singh Amola, has been an esports player for a long time. He wanted to build an esports organization that does something in the gaming field. He is also passionate about New State Mobile. It didn’t matter to him what the team does, but he wanted a team that is dedicated and wants to do something in the gaming field. That’s why we signed VishuOP’s team; his team was dedicated. There are a lot of teams, but I saw potential in his team. So far, they are giving their best. We also have a BGMI line-up, and we are planning to sign more teams for different titles.”

The IGL of the team, VishuOP always knew his team had potential and confidently went on to sign with the organization. “We were here to make a name for ourselves, but we weren’t getting any opportunities. We were playing for different teams, but some of us were extras or substitutes in the team. We had the capacity to play in the main roster. So, I called all the players and approached Aslaa Esports. Since then, everything has been going great. We are here to prove ourselves,“ he said.

He also wants to prove that a career in New State Mobile is viable. “We are the only New State Mobile team that is invited to the event. All the other invited teams are BGMI teams. That’s why we want to prove that there’s a career in New State Mobile, too. It’s not like there’s only BGMI in esports,” he said.

Lucifer’s faith in Aslaa Esports’ current roster paid off after the team had an outstanding performance at Dreamhack and a decent performance at the New State Open. “We have known each other since Aslaa Esports organized a New State Mobile tournament when BGMI got banned. We have been planning to sign them since then. We used to talk daily. But the players needed some time to form the team as they had exams. We decided then that we would sign them once they were ready, as they were looking for an organization, and we were looking for players. At first, we weren’t sure about signing a New State Mobile line-up as the game was new and BGMI’s future was uncertain. Eventually, VishuOP approached us when Nodwin Gaming’s Dreamhack Hyderabad 2022 was announced, and we signed the roster and went to Dreamhack. Everything was decided earlier; we just had to sign them,“ he said.


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