Israel Diplomat Uses AI Tool To Speak In Different Languages

David Saranga, Head of Digital Diplomacy Bureau in the Foreign Ministry of Israel

Human capabilities are increasing while age-old human activities are being disrupted by digital technology. Software-driven systems have permeated everyone’s life since the advent of computer technology to the point where it is now challenging to distinguish between people’s real lives and their digital lives. Now, given this technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) is without a doubt at the forefront of the new technological era and is positioned to have a major impact on how society develops in the years to come.

David Saranga, Head of Digital Diplomacy Bureau in the Foreign Ministry of Israel, presented a future-oriented generative artificial intelligence system prepared by a company called “D-ID” on January 24.It was a video of Mr. David speaking in a number of different international languages.

The company describes itself as a platform that produces “customized videos featuring talking avatars at the touch of a button, giving businesses and creators superpowers.”

He captioned the post, “AI-Diplomacy: We know everyone’s talking about ChatGPT, but we have officially found our next AI obsession. Thanks to the Israeli company D-ID, we can now communicate with audiences around the world in their native languages! How’s David Saranga’s Turkish?”

Along with that video, he asked the followers what language they wanted next. “What languages ​​should we learn next?” he wrote.

After that, he posted Hindi and Greek videos.

The video serves as an illustration of how effective AI might be because of the delicacy of the language used.

However, according to experts, the development of artificial intelligence will improve the lives of the majority of people in the coming years. However, many people are concerned about how the evolution of AI will change what it means to be human, productive, and able to exercise free will.

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