Knives Out 2: Glass Onion movie cast uses Samsung phones instead of iPhones

Last updated: November 25th, 2022 at 08:39 UTC+01:00

The new suspense movie ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,’ which will arrive on Netflix next month, is currently being shown in some American theaters. In this film, the audience has to use their brains and pay attention to a lot of details not only to understand the plot but also to finally find the suspect. But there was one more important point that the director of the film, Rian Johnson, got away with.

In an interview back in February 2020, Johnson shared that “bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.” He further said that “Every single filmmaker who has a bad guy in their movie that’s supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now” for revealing this secret.

So in his 2019 movie Knives Out, Chris Evans’ character uses an Android phone, along with Google Chrome and Proton Mail. Every other character used an iPhone, and many wore Apple Watches. In fact, Apple appears in the “producers would like to thank” section at the end credits of the movie.

However, in the second installment, ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,’ as noted by 9To5Google, the main cast of the movie uses Samsung foldable phones. For instance, Dave Bautista and Kathryn Hahn’s characters in the movie use a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and a Galaxy Z Flip, respectively. Also, Kate Hudson’s character in the movie makes use of a Galaxy S flagship phone.

Well, there are multiple reasons why Apple devices were ditched in favor of Samsung foldable Android phones in Knives Out. First, it was seemingly done to satisfy Apple’s edict that “bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.Also, Johnson wanted to confuse the audience and wants them to be suspicious of the main cast, which their non-iPhone usage seemingly confirms.

It seems like Apple has a strict policy of not being in the hands of “bad people,” at least in the movies, as they want to have a clean image in the tech industry. Also, it, by nature, wants everyone to identify the villains as Android guys. But does that really matter?

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