Mac mini M1 stream setup 3 monitors

Just thought it necessary to post my Mac mini M1 3 monitor setup for working ( teaching virtually ) and streaming.
Everything is working smoothly.
The mini has 16 gig of ram and 1 TB SSD. a Wavlink usb 3 to HDMI dual display adapter managing one monitor through one of the minis usb 3 ports. the other two monitors one via HDMI and usb c ports respectively. An old iPad mini is serving as my Stream Deck using ElGato stream deck software. A usb dock plugged through the other usb c port manages two hdd, microphone, two usb cameras, and usb monitored UPS. Keyboard and mouse through Logitech’s USB dongle. Bose sound through the other USB port on the mini.
Using Alfred 5.02, Obs studio for streaming and teaching. Spotify always on. Telegram, Messenger and WhatsApp always running. Any number of open windows on Safari mostly. Evernote is my daily helper. 1password protects my setup. iStat menus a must for monitoring. Headphones hooked though the sound output of the mini.
It is saddening for me that Apple did not provide the hardware necessary to easily connect three monitors, and I had to search and test a lot of possible solutions for it. For all those that thought the Mini m1 is dead, See the proof ITS ALIVE…!!!!!
Know I am waiting for a new Mac mini with multiple monitor support, because the Studio is 3 times more expensive.
Please do it Apple……. Make It SO!!!

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