Messaging app to soon allow users to manage call history

WhatsApp Desktop: There are more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp worldwide, making it a well-known messaging service. The Meta-owned business is always adding new features to enhance the user experience on its apps. According to a recent report, WhatsApp is including call history tracking on its desktop app.

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WhatsApp Desktop Call History Feature

The beta for Windows 2.2246.4.0 update, which includes the option to control call history from the desktop app itself, has reportedly been made available by WhatsApp on the Microsoft Store. This indicates that the feature is only now accessible to desktop beta users.

Users of WhatsApp’s desktop app can get a list of their call history in the new tab. By accessing the calling card, they will also have access to details about the call. The call history may not immediately sync with the one on your mobile device because this program is still in beta testing, according to the report. It goes on to say that calls made via the native desktop app might not actually display on your phone. The problem will probably be fixed in a subsequent release.

In relation, Whatsapp has rolled out another feature through which users can now take polls through the messaging app and do not have to rely on other apps or websites. A poll can be created on WhatsApp and can be circulated through the same. WhatsApp has been testing out a lot of new features lately and is working hard to make the App extremely user-friendly.

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