More high-level 4k Street Fighter 6 matches featuring Ken, Juri, Kimberly, and Guile

Maximilian shares more footage from latest build

Street Fighter fans continue to eat very well at this moment in time as there is tons of footage of Street Fighter 6 being uploaded onto the internet. The latest build from Tokyo Game Show 2022 featuring Ken, Kimberly, Juri, and Guile has made its way into numerous players’ hands at various locations, and viewers are getting the opportunity to witness more and more what these characters are capable of.

Maximilian has uploaded another great set of matches this time focusing on player vs. player (instead of CPU controlled bouts). There are a ton of great moments to see for all four of the aforementioned fighters, including a slew of impressive Drive Rush combos and high-level plays.

The first match up in the video pits Ken vs. Guile, and this gives us a good grasp of what rushdown vs. zoner looks like in Street Fighter 6. For much of the first round Guile creates a minefield on screen using his stationary Sonic Blade projectile, which proves difficult for Ken to navigate through.

Eventually, Ken inches Guile into the corner and takes the opportunity to mount his offense while his opponent’s back is against the wall. Speaking of offense, seeing more of what Kimberly is capable of in Street Fighter 6 will undoubtedly have fans of her (me included) excited.

Her movement speed and options, range on her attacks, and combo potential all look great right now. Her cross up jumping medium kick also appears to be a strong tool in this build of the game, and what we have on display in this set of matches really paints the picture that Kimberly is going to be a high-octane version of the Bushinryu playstyle .

There’s a lot more to see here too, including new footage of Juri and even some Ryu action (for those who want to see how he’s looking in the latest build of the game). Be sure to check out these 4k Street Fighter 6 matches below.


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