My neighbor asked for help to fix his HUGE painting blunder, I was stunned

A SCOT was left stunned when his neighbor asked for help to fix a HUGE painting blunder.

Danny McCarthy, from Bowling in West Dunbartonshire, says pal Norbert chapped his door when he noticed his handiwork “didn’t look right”.


Danny’s neighbor asked for help after making a big mistakeCredit: TikTok
He accidentally used gloss paint in his home


He accidentally used gloss paint in his homeCredit: TikTok

The 32-year-old was astonished to discover his friend had used gloss paint for his DIY job – with the shiny stuff even turning his home yellow.

Hilarious video footage captures the moment Danny discovers the botched paint job.

The Scot, who owns a small maintenance firm, told the Scottish Sun: “Norbert chapped my door and asked me to come and look at something. Because of my job, people often ask me to help with things.

“I could smell the paint all the way down the close, but my initial thought was that he was he was painting a door I had just fixed for him.

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“When I saw what he had done I was dumbfounded. He had covered his hall, living room and bathroom ceiling in gloss paint. The paint had turned a funny color and looked yellow.

“Norbert is very friendly and approachable and I’m glad he saw the funny side like I did.

“He told me he’s going back to B&Q to buy more paint but I don’t think he has a solution yet. He will need sandpaper and all sorts. I’ll be giving him a hand to fix it.”

Danny posted the video on social media where it quickly gained traction.

On TikTok, the funny clip has racked up more than 1.2m views and 32k likes since it was posted just one day ago.

Danny added: “It’s been mad, I didn’t expect it. Everyone found it really funny.

“It’s all happened so quickly.”

Bemused members of the public flocked to the comments to have their say on the hilarious blunder.

One wrote: “One lightbulb can now light the whole house!”

Another put: “The way the light flashes across the doors and carries on across the wall.”

A third added: “Christmas lights will look amazing.”

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A fourth joked: “Imagine the glare everywhere.”

A fifth said: “Wait until sunset, you won’t need an alarm clock to wake you up.”

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