NewJeans’ special limited edition LG laptop garners attention for its cute design as well as the hefty price tag

Korean chaebol LG recently named NewJeans as their new brand ambassador and announced a special collaboration.

On January 25, LG unveiled the design for the LG Gram Style NewJeans Limited Edition Big Bunny laptop. The new collaboration is a special edition of LG’s 2023 Gram laptop series designed with the girl group’s mascot, Bunny.

The special features, such as the unique design and accessories, were revealed on this day.

The laptop will feature two different designs of the girl group’s mascot character on the laptop as well as the accessories. Additionally, the laptop will be pre-loaded with special wallpapers and four icon designs.

Many fans are excited about the new collaboration and are praised for its cute design, with the girl group’s Bunny incorporated into the laptop and accessories. But some have pointed out the hefty price tag that comes with the special edition; the cost is 2.7 million KRW (~2,186 USD).

Netizen commented, “I’m not their fan but this is a cute design,” “It’s so pretty,” “It’s 2.7 million KRW (~2,186 USD)? It’s so expensive…” “It’s expensive but so pretty,” “The design is so pretty,” “I would buy it if it was 1.7 million KRW (1,376 USD) but it’s 2.7 million KRW,” “After seeing that the price is 2.7 million KRW, I don’t want them all that much,” “I can’t afford to spend 2.7 million, lol,” “I wish they would sell the accessories separately,” “I think you can choose either the large Bunny design or the small Bunny one,” “It’s so crazy pretty but also pretty expensive,” “So cute,” “I really want it but it’s so out of my price range,” “I really want to buy this,” “I’m not their fan but I still want this,” and “I really want the mouse and mouse pad.”


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