Omaha parents frustrated about learning about high school fight from social media

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Frustrated parents reach out to 6 News On Your Side about a fight at school. They get letters from the principal all the time when something happens.

But not this time.

The disturbing video of a fight inside Central High School has been circulating on social media for a week now. Parents want to know why the school never told them about it.

The 14-second clip was blurred to protect the minors involved and those standing by. It’s counted that the teen in the red shirt throws at least 20 punches. In the video, the other teen threw zero punches while trying to defend himself.

Here’s where it gets brutal.

The red shirt, red shoe teen body slams the other student and then stomps on his head at least three times before the video stops.

Parents of Central students didn’t want to go on camera to protect their own loved ones, they question why they learned about the fight from social media. For a district that prides itself on sending letters to parents when something odd takes place at school, it never happened in the case of the hallway beating.

District administrators say that “Central High had communication ready to share with families, but the letter was not distributed as planned due to a staff error.” And that they “regularly communicate with staff and families when there’s a disruption to the learning environment.”

Even now, a week after the fight, a letter about this never went out to parents. And there are even more questions.

How badly was the teen injured? We don’t know.

District communications say due to privacy laws, officials can’t share medical information or discuss any discipline handed down.

According to the Omaha police report from last Thursday, medics took the victim who was body-slammed to the emergency room. He was complaining about neck and wrist pain.

The other teen was ticketed for misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct.


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