Over 1000 judgments to be released in regional languages ​​on Republic Day: CJI Chandrachud

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New Delhi, Jan 25: Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud announced on Wednesday, that the process of publishing Supreme Court judgments in regional languages ​​has started. As a first step in that direction, 1,091 judgments of the top court will be published on Republic Day in Odia, Garo, and other regional languages.

In open court this morning, CJI Chandrachud gave the Bar the aforementioned information.

“I have some news apart from E-SCR and the 34,000 judgments available, we also now have a number of judgments of the Supreme Court in vernacular language. It will be released on the occasion of Republic Day,” he said.

“We urge members of the bar to use these and whichever language they use. The judgments are in Odia, Garo, and other regional languages,” he added.

The CJI said that a total of 1,091 judgments would be made available in regional languages. According to CJI Chandrachud, this choice was made to further their goal of making judgments available in regional languages.

Judgments will be translated into four languages, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, and Odia as the initial stage in this endeavour, the CJI had announced.

CJI DY Chandrachud, while announcing the launch said, “We have the eSCR which now has 34000 judgments and an elastic search facility. We also now have 1091 judgments in regional languages ​​which will be launched tomorrow on the Republic Day. We have 21 in Odia, 14 in Marathi, 4 in Assamese, 1 in Garo, 17 in Kannada, 1 in Khasi, 29 in Malayalam, 3 in Nepali, 4 in Punjabi, 52 already in Tamil, 28 in Telugu, and 3 in Urdu. We are on a mission to provide Supreme Court judgments in all scheduled languages. We have already started. It will be released on Republic Day.”

A committee led by Justice AS Oka has been established to translate rulings from the highest court into local languages, the Chief Justice of India announced yesterday during the launch of the Delhi High Court’s Online e-Inspection Software.

Justice Oka will be one of the committee’s members in addition to:

  • Justice Suraj Govindaraj of Karnataka High Court
  • Sharmistha from National Informatics Centre
  • Mitesh Kapra from IIT Delhi
  • Vivek Raghavan from Ek step foundation
  • Supriya Shankaran from Agami

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