Power through to the weekend with headphone and charger deals from Anker and Soundcore

When the world gets to be a bit too much, when you just need to knuckle down and focus, there is no better tool than a pair of ANC earbuds or headphones. While Sony and Bose are the gold standard, they’re both also well over $250, too expensive for many of us to even consider. True, there’s no shortage of excellent budget-friendly earbuds, but each still has compromises it must make to reach those affordable prices, especially when it comes to noise-cancelling.


Anker’s Soundcore brand makes earbuds at every price point, but the Liberty 3 Pro’s ANC punches above its weight class, especially today when you can buy them for at least $40 off. At $130, the Liberty Pro 3 are a phenomenal value and some of the most comfortable earbuds on the market, according to our Liberty 3 Pro review. Coming with four sets of tips and four sets of wingtips, you should have no problem at all getting these buds to fit your ears, even if they’re weird like mine.

Buy the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro for $130 ($40 off with coupon)

$130 at Anchor $120 at Amazon

If earbuds aren’t your speed — whether for longer battery life or better passive noise canceling — the Soundcore Life Q35 are also $20 off, bringing these LDAC-supporting headphones to $110. With ANC, 40 hours of battery life, and multipoint audio, these cans will help you tune out the world and make it to that ever-looming oasis of the weekend. They come in three colors (including a quite fetching navy blue) and use the same intuitive, actually useful companion app as Anker’s earbuds, allowing you to tweak the sound profile and adjust the three ANC modes.

Of course, Anker is known for far more than Soundcore’s audio gear, and many of its newest chargers are on sale. The Anker 735 is one of the best chargers with PPS support around — PPS is a standard that both Google and Samsung’s fast charging protocols use — and perfect for any Android user. Whether you have a Chromebook, a Windows laptop, or a Macbook, so long as it uses USB-C, the 65W 735 will charge it, your phone, and your trust fitness tracker or earbuds.

  • Soundcore Life Q35 Noise-Canceling Headphones with LDAC: $109 at Anker ($20 off)
  • Anker 735 (Nano II 65W) USB-C Charger: $46 at Anker ($14 off)
  • Anker 521 (Nano Pro 40W) USB-C Charger: $31 at Anker (15% off)
  • Anker 511 (Nano Pro 20W) USB-C Charger: $15 at Anker (15% off)
  • Anker 511 (Nano 3 30W) USB-C Charger: $23 at Anker

The two-port 40W Anker 521 is perfect for your nightstand as it’ll fast-charge your and your partner’s phones easily while taking up less room than the single-port charger your last phone came with. Speaking of single-port chargers, the 20W Anker 511 (Nano Pro) is down to $15, but its prongs don’t fold, so I’d highly recommend going with the newer version of the 511, the Nano 3, which does have foldable prongs and 30W, enough to charge some laptops in a pinch. It may not be on sale, but it’ll charge more devices and last you longer.

Just remember that for all of these deals, you need to copy the on-page coupon code and apply it to your cart.

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