Queensland Police Service to make historic apology to LGBTIQ+ community

The Queensland Police Service has committed to issuing a formal apology to the LGBTIQ+ community for historic enforcement of discriminatory laws in the state.

It comes after police were asked not to wear their uniforms again if attending this weekend’s Brisbane Pride Festival March and Rally on Saturday.

Second year of ban

A ban on marching in uniform was introduced in 2021, for the first time since former police commissioner Ian Stewart allowed uniformed officers and staff to join the event in 2015.

Police were asked not to march in uniform by the committee of the Brisbane Pride Incorporated in August last year, a joint statement between the organization and the QPS published earlier this week said.

“At the time, the decision was not made lightly, and it followed a process of having conversations and spending time listening to the real and current concerns of many members of our communities,” the statement said.

“The decision to communicate that decision to the QPS, was done as a way to begin a conversation that would ultimately bring all community together to discuss meaningful and sustainable change, and to find ways to actively work together towards that change.

Police marched in the parade for the first time, after Commissioner Ian Stewart lifted a ban.(ABC News: Andree Withey)

The organizations said they had continued their conversations during the past 12 months.


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