Samsung to Set up Global Semiconductor Research Unit

Samsung Electronics will launch a new global research organization focused on the semiconductor industry.

Samsung Electronics will establish a new global research organization under the DS Business Division in December.

The new global research organization, to be headed by a vice president, is expected to analyze the semiconductor market and other related industries and discover new markets.

Currently, Samsung Group has several research organizations, including Samsung Research, which is operated by Samsung Electronics for research on advanced technologies, Samsung Securities Research Center, and Samsung Global Research. However, these research organizations are dispersed and focus on different fields, with none of them undertaking in-depth analyzes of the semiconductor industry.

Samsung felt the need for a separate in-house semiconductor research organization as a shortage of semiconductors intensified due to global supply chain disruptions amid the COVID-19 crisis. A growing distrust of external market research institutions also played a role.

The memory industry is faced with a steep drop in demand and excess inventory due to weakened global purchasing power following drastic interest rate hikes in the United States. Accordingly, global chipmakers are reducing production and capex for inventory disposal until the first half of next year.

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