Samsung will focus more on affordable 5G phones in India in 2023, says 4G phones will stay in market

Samsung aims to stay consistent at the top position in 2023 and for this, the South Korean smartphone brand is betting high on 5G.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 25, 2023 4:18 PM IST

By Sneha Saha: As per the latest report coming from Canalys, Samsung beat Xiaomi in Q4 2022 to become the top phone brand in the country. Speaking exclusively to India Today Tech, Samsung’s Aditya Babbar, Senior Director – Head Product & Marketing, said that the Galaxy A series helped Samsung reach the top position. Babbar highlighted that the Galaxy A series was the most selling lineup for the brand in India in 2022.

He added that phones across price segments in the Galaxy A series turned out to be a hit in India. Samsung sold 10 million plus units of the Galaxy A series in India in 2022 and added that over 62 million people purchased A series phones in the country last year. In 2023, Samsung says it wishes to “democratize 5G in India”. With a big bet on 5G, the company wants to grow business by 20 per cent.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer aims to stay consistent at the top position in 2023 and for this, Samsung is betting high on 5G. Babbar said that the year will see more 5G phones being even more accessible to consumers, hinting at focusing on making affordable 5G devices. To start the year, Samsung has launched new 5G enabled Galaxy A series phones, including Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A23 5G starting at an official price of Rs 16499. Going forward, the smartphone manufacturer plans to unveil more 5G devices that are “accessible” . Babbar also said that Samsung targets to get 75 per cent of its business in India from 5G devices. “We will continue to innovate at every price point and evolve as the market grows,” he said.

Now, even though Samsung plans to focus more on 5G, it will continue to sell 4G phones in India. This could possibly be to bring more affordable options for users looking for phones at a budget or entry-level price points. OEMs are working hard to offer affordable 5G options in India but companies in various instances have highlighted that it is tough to bring 5G phones that are as affordable as Rs 10,000 or even Rs 12,000. So, 4G phones are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Babbar believes that consumers in India are primarily looking for good tech with affordability in mind. To solve that purpose, Samsung launched Samsung Finance+ in India last year. It is basically a universally accessible digital lending platform that “provides financing opportunity to prospective consumers for the purchase of Galaxy smartphones in India.” Samsung Finance+ is currently available in 19000 pin codes across the country and the platform is helping customers purchase better products without spending a lot of money on the first go, Babbar explained. He also highlighted that in terms of growth, the Rs 20,000 market is growing much faster than ever but the size of the market is still dominated by Rs 10,000 – Rs 20,000 price segment.


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