Shedhouse Walkerville home has Benicio Del Toro-inspired art, Insta cred

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville, was designed to look like a shed — and house a luxury modern home inside.

A corrugated metal shed with a luxurious “really Instagrammable house” hidden inside has hit the market in a little-known Victorian coastal hamlet.

The unique 45 Seaview Drive property in Walkerville, near Wilson’s Promontory, is designed specifically to blend in with the shacks in the area with only a mysterious glass door hinting at the $775,000 home within.

Emily Storey designed the two-bedroom, one-bathroom house herself, wanting a luxury coastal getaway that wouldn’t stick out in the “unknown little secret” of a waterside town.

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“The only thing you really see here is all these corrugated sheds everywhere,” Ms Storey said.

“So I thought I might try to build a generic shed, and from the outside you will just see a mysterious door.”

While the outside is as Aussie as can be, the inside reflects her European heritage with German-engineered windows, handmade Italian tiles in the kitchen and laundry, as well as minimalist Scandinavian style throughout.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

The house looks like little more than a corrugated-metal shed from the front.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

An Instagram-friendly interior showcases a moody, dark-stained timber kitchen.

“Most of the people love the kitchen with the really dark timber, which I hand-stained myself,” she said.

“But everyone loves that it looks like a shed from the outside.”

Local custom-home builder Chris Butcher handled construction following Ms Storey’s plans.

The home’s living room also has a pair of evolving artworks painted directly onto the wall by Ms Storey, who sold a number of works while working in an interiors store in South Africa.

“I got the idea for the art from a Wes Anderson movie, The French Dispatch, where Benicio Del Toro plays an artist in prison who paints all of his pictures onto a wall,” Ms Storey said.

“I like the idea of ​​them being permanent, but changeable.”

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

The two artworks inspired by the film are painted directly onto the wall of the living room.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

Even the “raw” back yard has potential for a social media snap.

The house is named Statheden and includes an old nameplate from Ms Storey’s father’s home in Bentleigh, and the whole build was somewhat of an homage to him.

It’s also the name of a little known coastal town in Scotland, which she said was a fitting parallel for the home’s location.

Ms Storey added that social media fans who’ve come to stay have also appreciated the nearby limestone kilns along the beach, which produced many of the materials that built Melbourne’s CBD in its early days.

The town is also home to the sandy stretch that inspired children’s author Alison Lester’s renowned Magic Beachaccording to local tourist information.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

The cozy living room area gets plenty of natural light.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

A charming window seat is another spot to relax, or to set up a social media post.

Stockdale & Leggo Inverloch director Adam Leys said the listing was attracting as much attention from buyers as the rest of the homes he had for sale at the moment combined.

“People are loving it,” Mr Leys said.

“I wasn’t expecting a hell of a lot when I first saw the front, but as soon as you come through the front door you realize everything is done to a very high quality and standard. And it feels larger than you’d expect.”

He noted that in addition to extensive insulation for the luxurious modern home inside the shed, a “fairly raw back yard” was home to wild grasses, flowers and a firepit that also appealed to social media fans.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

The heavily styled home is for sale fully furnished.

45 Seaview Drive, Walkerville - for herald sun real estate

The bedrooms also boast some of Ms Storey’s art, though not directly painted on the wall.

“It’s been a holiday rental for most of the past year, and regularly booked out for weekends and around holidays,” Mr Leys said.

“It’s a really Instagrammable house.”

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