shocking! Giant monitor lizard knocks at the window, netizens say ‘Looks like Godzilla’ | Viral Videos

Image Source : FACEBOOK/JOYCELYN PENSON shocking! Giant monitor lizard knocks at the window

Lizards are among the creepiest and most frightening creatures that people encounter on a regular basis. Occasionally, people in remote, isolated areas witness gigantic lizards. In a rare occurrence, a video of a giant monitor lizard banging on a window is making the rounds on the internet. The terrifying video has astonished online users.

The viral video starts off with a lizard jutting her tongue out while being glued to the window. The video further shows the monitor lizard attempting to ascend the window pane. The footage caught on camera further shows the lizard peeking inside the house with its tongue protruding, giving the impression that it is searching for food. It keeps crawling with the intention of entering the structure, but it falls down moments later.

Watch the video here:

The incident reportedly occurred in Florida. The video was shared by a facebook account named Joycelyn Penson. It received over 7.5 lakh views and over 2,000 comments. Sharing the video, she wrote, ” OMG! LOOK AT THIS! My son lives in Orlando, Fla. Really it’s Apopka, Fla. Look at what came to pay him a visit today! It’s a Tegu lizard! Looks like Godzilla to me! Needless to say I won’t be visiting him any time soon! And it’s on the front porch! update This is a MONITOR LIZARD.”

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The nerve-racking video went viral in no time and netizens flocked to the comment section to react to it. One user wrote, “Holy crap!! If that animal crawled on my desk, I think I would pass.” Another user wrote, “How did that end…what did he do about it…come on…tell us more.” A third user wrote, “Wow! What do they eat? Hopefully, not pets.”

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While some people expressed their fear of creepy crawlies, others took hilarious digs at the scary monitor lizard encounter, comparing it to an uninvited guest.

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