Splinter Cell remake is being rewritten ‘for a modern-day audience’

After years of making fans suffer (opens in new tab)Ubisoft finally announced in December 2021 that Splinter Cell is, seriously and for real, coming back in a full remake (opens in new tab) that it promised will accommodate the “refined palate” of modern gamers. Courtesy of a Ubisoft Toronto job listing (opens in new tab) spotted by PlayStation Universe (opens in new tab)we’ve now got a slightly better idea of ​​what that means.

Rather than a straight-up remaster of the original Splinter Cell, producer Matt West said when the remake was announced that developers are “[re]building it from the ground up” while trying to ensure that “the spirit of the early games remains intact.” A visual overhaul is obviously in the cards—sorry to tell you this but Splinter Cell is 20 years old—and some design elements are also being redone “to match player comfort and expectations.”

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