Spotify removes Waiting Room sending Phoebe Bridgers fans into panic mode

Fans of singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers are in bits after being unable to stream her track Waiting Room on Spotify.

While Bridgers’ fans should be looking to the musical future – her supergroup Boygenius has just released a single and have an album on the way – there are some who can’t help but return to some of Phoebe’s older tracks.

If you’re looking for what happened to Waiting Room or where to listen to the track now, we’ve done some digging.

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Phoebe Bridgers’ Waiting Room removed from Spotify

On January 24, 2023, fans of Phoebe Bridgers took to the internet to report they were unable to stream Waiting Room. While the song appears on Spotify, you can’t stream the track. A window pops up reading “Song Unavailable” instead.

The song is also not available on other streaming platforms such as Apple Music or Amazon Prime Music.

Inevitably, fans have had a strong reaction. One Twitter users asked: “How am I supposed to function without my daily breakdown to Waiting Room by Phoebe Bridgers?”

“Waiting Room by Phoebe Bridgers has been removed from Spotify – no one talk to me please,” another tweeted.

Waiting Room remains free to stream on Bandcamp

For any diehard Phoebe Bridgers fans who need a new place to stream Waiting Room since its removal from Spotify, you can still find the track on Bandcamp.

The track was recorded at Lost Ark Studio in California. The studio still has Waiting Room uploaded, the fourth track on its eighth compilation album.

You can also download Waiting Room from Bandcamp for free, meaning endless streams are to be enjoyed, Spotify or no Spotify. Hope that makes you feel better?

Phoebe Bridgers has been playing Waiting Room in recent performances

During Phoebe Bridgers’ latest Punisher tour (September 3, 2021 to August 28, 2022), the singer added Waiting Room as an encore to several of her shows, Redditers report.

Bridgers wrote the track almost a decade ago, when she was a teen. She released it through Lost Ark rather than as a standalone single and it didn’t feature on her debut album, Stranger In The Alps (2017).

Waiting Room, as well as the majority of the Lost Ark Studio compilation albums, has since been taken down from streaming platforms. Some fans are speculating this, alongside the recent performances, might mean we can expect a remastered version of Waiting Room in the future. But the Reddit thread also casts doubt on this, as some report Bridgers has spoken about moving away from the track.

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