The Best Michael Scott Characters In The Office, Ranked

Throughout the television series, The Office, viewers have witnessed several characters manage the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Michael Scott (played by Steve Carrell) is a fan favorite character and The Office‘s iconic boss for the best part of seven seasons. Alongside some sidesplitting imitations, he’s known for inventing characters and acting them out.

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Michael enjoys being in front of the camera and uses Dunder Mifflin as his personal stage. As a result, some of his made-up personalities have left a lasting impression on fans and co-workers alike. Whether it’s exaggerated voices or stereotypical behavior, Michael has entertained the masses with fabricated characters, some of which are funnier than others.

10 Orville Tootenbaher Is An Alias ​​Michael Often Uses

In the episode, “The Search,” Jim abandons Michael at a gas station. Without his phone or wallet, Michael takes the opportunity to go on a walkabout, leaving Dwight, Erin, and Holly to look for him. Holly and Michael tend to think alike, and her initiative eventually leads them closer to their missing manager.

When Holly also uses a fake name to sign up for a cell phone plan and a free stress ball, it’s revealed Orville Tootenbacker did the same earlier that day. This is when Dwight and Erin claim, “Orville Tootenbacher. That’s Michael’s millionaire character that farts popcorn,” which proves he was close by. Although viewers don’t see Orville Tootenbacher in the flesh, it’s clearly an alias Michael often uses, which is likely based on the popcorn brand, Orville Redenbacher.

9 Michael Wonka Put Golden Tickets In Boxes Of Paper

In an attempt to increase sales, Michael dresses up as Willy Wonka, also known as Michael Wonka. His costume mimics the chocolate maker from the Roald Dahl series, and he copies the famous marketing campaign by placing golden tickets in boxes of paper.

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Each golden ticket gives the customer a 10% discount on their order. Unfortunately for Dunder Mifflin, Scranton’s biggest client finds all 5 golden tickets, which drastically reduces the branch’s profits. As a result, the manager regrets the idea and Michael Wonka’s time is short-lived. However, most fans remember Michael’s humorous endeavor and the ironic outcome.

8 Michael The Magic Attempts To Escape From A Straight Jacket

The episode “Cocktails” begins with Michael the Magic fastened into a straight jacket. With a little help from Dwight, he’s then further secured and wrapped in chains locked with a padlock. The manager then tries to escape from extreme bondage in front of his employees.

The trick doesn’t go as planned, but Michael’s passion for magic is evident after several futile attempts. Michael is also seen performing in the opening scenes of the season 7 premiere, “Nepotism.” Scott occasionally mentions magic again later in the series, which makes his magical alter ego funnier.

7 Michael’s Greek Alter Ego Is Mykonos

In “The Seminar,” Michael pretends to be Mykonos, a Greek personality who acts as ‘the plant’ during Andy’s small business presentation. He might be one of the smartest characters, as his job is to help encourage sales by leading questions and making the speaker look good. The reason he pretends to be Mykonos is presumably for his own entertainment.

Scott plays Mykonos throughout the majority of the episode and is eventually accompanied by his so-called partner, Necropolis, portrayed by Holly Flax. Because the two of them joke together and take their roles seriously, Mykonos stands out as one of Scott’s best characters. He’s in his element alongside his partner in comedy.

6 Blind Guy McSqueezy Is An Unforgettable Character

When Jim and Pam return from Puerto Rico, Michael greets them with his hands and pretends to be his made-up character, Blind Guy McSqueezy. He tells the newlyweds he can no longer see because he fell into a pool of acid while they were on their honeymoon.

While he’s being interviewed in his office, Michael describes Blind Guy McSqueezy to the audience. “He’s a character I’ve been workshopping whose lack of vision gets him into all sorts of trouble.” Despite his brief moment on screen, he’s one of Michael Scott’s most hilarious creations and an unforgettable character.

5 Scott Wears A Sumo Suit Under His Business Attire For Michael Klump​​​​​

As season 5 commences, the office staff work together to compete against the other branches and lose the most weight. However, when people aren’t eating correctly and resort to extreme weight loss strategies, HR is forced to conduct a presentation.

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This is when Scott invents Michael Klump – a large character with a southern accent. He wears his sumo suit underneath his business attire and lectures everyone on beauty. During this moment, it’s clear some employees find his costume insulting. Although Scott was trying to go above and beyond in his job, the irony is what makes his character amusing, which only exacerbates the situation.

4 Prison Mike Attempts To Scare The Office Straight

When Dunder Mifflin’s Stamford office is closed, they merge with the Scranton branch and consequently introduce some new faces into the office. One of these is Martin Nash, an ex-convict, who manages to convince the employees that life in prison sounds better than their day-to-day jobs at Dunder Mifflin.

Michael seeks to change their minds and becomes Prison Mike: an arrogant ruffian based on stereotypes. He sports a purple bandana and has an aggressive tone when tries to scare them straight. When people begin to play along and ask amusing questions, Scott struggles to stay in character, which entertains audiences even further and makes Prison Mike a memorable personality.

3 Michael Plays Caleb Crawdad In A Murder Mystery Game

In season 6, rumors about Dunder Mifflin declaring bankruptcy begin to surface. Michael decides the office needs a distraction and forces everyone to play Bells, Bourbon, and Bullets – a murder mystery game. After some encouragement, most people get into character. Michael adopts the role of Caleb Crawdad, a handsome playboy with a convincing Savannah accent.

Michael’s commitment to Caleb Crawdad is hilarious. Scott doesn’t alter his appearance, but it’s great to see him have fun and succeed in keeping everyone’s mind off the bad news. He later admits he hasn’t worked so hard in a long time, meaning he went to great lengths to stay in character. His efforts resulted in Caleb being one of the best characters Michael Scott has portrayed.

2 Date Mike Is Annoyingly Entertaining

In “Happy Hour,” Pam wants her friend Julie to meet Michael as they’re both single. When Michael realizes he’s on a date, he feels compelled to change his attitude and appearance. After removing his tie and sporting a Kangol flat cap, Scott transforms into Date Mike.

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Despite having the best fashion sense, Date Mike is completely unlike Scott’s other characters. He comes across as rude, annoying, and rowdy. However, this is what makes Date Mike so entertaining. He spills drinks, uses a cue as a guitar, and dances on the pool table. After crossing the line, he’s almost kicked out by the bar manager, and Julie embarrassingly decides to leave. Scott’s attempts to impress his date were unexpected but surprisingly hilarious.

1 Michael Scarn Is The Star In Threat Level Midnight

Michael Scarn is mentioned on a number of occasions, but in the episode “Threat Level Midnight,” audiences finally get to see Scott’s finished movie, which makes no sense. As the story goes, Michael Scarn was the best secret agent in the business until he retired when Goldface murdered his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones Scarn. After getting a call from the president, he decides to eliminate Goldface once and for all.

The movie has a lot of moving pieces and is poorly written. It’s even mistaken for a comedy due to its low budget and lack of comprehension. Other employees nailed their roles in Scott’s movie, but Michael Scarn is the star. Scarn is clearly intended as a cool and calm crime fighter, but the execution is very different. Michael Scarn is Scott’s best work, and he entertains viewers for an entire episode of The Office.

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