With the arrival of the Eletre SUV (Cover Story in A&D n. 254), Lotus officially enters a new era, made up of products that clearly go beyond the tradition of the English factory, leading it towards a broader market. What is a moment of epochal changes for almost all Manufacturers, in the case of Hethel’s becomes a real leap and requires a completely new approach to design, which will have to convey the essence of the brand through a new language. To understand how, on the occasion of the official debut in Italy of Eletre held in Milan in mid-September, we gathered the opinions of Ben Payne, Managing Director of the Lotus Tech Creative Center.

With electric vehicles, the classic “symbols” of sportiness are disappearing, such as large exhausts and air intakes. Which will be the new ones?

“Yes, there will be no more exhaust terminals and transparent engine covers, although there are elements such as cooling air intakes, which will serve the electrical systems. But we are in a transitional phase in which customers are still attached to the visual sensations of the past and it will take some time to identify the new signs of sportiness. What’s more, we are trying our hand in areas other than pure sports cars, and we are trying to show that it is possible to apply the same principles to new products. The design will be able to bring out the technological content, perhaps exposing part of the propulsion system again, and express technical values ​​such as lightness and aerodynamics.”.

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