The second wave of esports supplementation

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Actually, nothing is new, according to Joshua Schall, MBA, Owner & President of J. Schall Consulting.

“There’s probably a continuation of a lot of things that have been working for the last couple of years and that is from the main product categories energy, cognition and focus. And then outside of that, it’s food and beverage applications.”

Schall added that things such as eye health–at least as standalones–are not making a big splash in the gaming world. He said brands are better off adding multiple product features like eye health ingredients into a multifunction product.

“They’re looking for simplicity, rather than taking one, taking another one, then taking another. That seems like a little bit too complicated, especially for a group of consumers that are at times just getting introduced to supplements. For them to all of a sudden to be taking ten different products, similar to a hardcore bodybuilder or sports nutrition consumer, it’s probably unrealistic. Even though I think brands would love to probably try to offer them these,”said Schall.

Jason Chung, Director & Esports Business Professor at New York University, said overall gamers, especially high level competitive gamers, are becoming more health conscious.

“So before it was more casual, it might have been a little bit more of a recreational pursuit. But now that careers are on the line, people are definitely taking nutrition seriously. Pro sports teams, for instance, have everything from sleep pods to nutritionists to dietitians following gamers around, making sure they eat right and that they get enough rest and that they train intentionally as well. It’s not just the amount of screen time of practice, it’s really about getting in quality practice as well. So yeah, absolutely, nutrition and supplements are a big part of how they keep people healthy.”


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