This quirky Mumbai office was born from a dilapidated bungalow in Aram Nagar, Versova

After reaching an agreement with the owner, Mewawalla, the dreamer of the two, and Chaturvedi, the doer, started pouring their passion onto a canvas that was “real, honest and transparent”. For the turnaround, which took only 30 days, the bricks and bones of this Mumbai office were left intact, but areas were repurposed. Consequently, the earlier seating capacity of 5-7 (much of the footprint was used for storage) was expanded to 70 fixed seats and approximately 20 floating ones.

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This photograph highlights the ‘stage’ that forms a part of the main room. Large plants bring some of the lush greenery outside indoors. The terrace is seen in this composition.

Photographix India/Sebastian Zachariah

A top angle of the main room shows the different seating configurations: the long community table in the centre, the booth seats and the Z-shaped table on the left, and the ledge-like continuous table, again to the left, with the stage for hosting intimate events on one side.

Photographix India/Sebastian Zachariah

Overall, the partners steered clear of an office stereotype. “The walls shouldn’t feel like walls, the ceiling shouldn’t feel like a ceiling,” says Mewawalla of their design mantra. “It had to feel like the space you could enter/exit/cross through almost like Platform 9¾ from the Harry Potter universe. It needed to feel like an office, but why couldn’t it be a comfort zone?” she rhetorises.


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